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Things To Do Before You Move:

  • Find out where to properly dispose of any household chemicals (such as old paint)
  • Make a list of everything you're bringing to your new location
  • Find out the replacement value of your belongings & take photos if necessary (for insurance purposes)
  • Fill out a change of address form with the post office
  • Notify friends, family, employers, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions & others of new address
  • Notify the IRS, Social Security, Medicare of your change of address
  • Get copies of any medical & dental records (if necessary)
  • Get copies of veterinary records (if necessary)
  • If you're moving out of state, find out about auto licensing & insurance
  • If you're moving in-state, contact your insurance company & DMV to change your address
  • Notify your children’s schools to have their records transferred to their new schools
  • Return any cable equipment
  • Make hotel & airline reservations (if necessary)